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You can’t miss it! With Coin Master game, spin the wheel game to build a fun city Which is becoming popular on Facebook right now If you are one of the gamer who loves spin spin in Coin Master games, you are on the right track! Because in this article, the writer from True ID In-Trend has techniques for playing Coin Master for Pang Puriye to leave. What techniques will be there? Scroll down to the bottom 👇

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Finding codes, giving away money and free spins in games It is an important technique to make you bang even more. Because you can get more free spins without waiting for the game to reset. And also get a special prize money in addition to pressing the spin as well But please give one warning You need to check your links carefully, as they may contain viral or irrelevant links.
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📌 How to find free spin codes:

Like Coin Master fan page: The fan page often posts free spins and money gift links beneath the posts.
Join the Coin Master Thailand Community: Within the group there are usually some Facebook users who summarize the code to give away free spins and money. Some of them also provide details about the date the link will expire.
Share Playing Techniques Coin Master Betting It is another important technique that will enable us to receive many times more rewards. At the same time, we have a chance to get the reward back not worth the spins we lost, so this technique is up to each person’s mind to dare to bet on x2 and x3 in a row. Very risky, has come back a lot

Master Coin Master 📌 Betting Tips

Sometimes in Coin Master games, there will be events with up to x20 wagering. Large bets are perfect for the brave. Because if you assume you rob a friend’s house for 1,000,000 and press x20, it will bring you back 20,000,000 baht, which is enough to develop your own village to be a good leap forward.
Each bet x10 x20 is a risk that has a high chance of winning. But when you get special rewards such as attack, robbery or shield etc, it is advisable to reduce your bet amount immediately. Because the prize of the spin in the next round may not be worth And special prizes are not always next to each other In the meantime When you’ve been spinning for a while, but you don’t get a good reward. Try to increase your next bet amount more. Because there may be good prizes waiting
Share your Coin Master tricks, finding more in-game friends will earn you gifts like extra spins and cash prizes. Of course, if you have a lot of friends in the game The more you are, the more likely you are to get those rewards. By the way to make more friends in the game. You can simply copy a link, invite your friends to play the game, paste it to the Coin Master Thailand Community group, or find posts that others have linked to your game account. The link will look something like this: (Add to play)

Master Coin Master

Share Coin Master playing techniques, analysis of which players in the game have a shield against attacks. It is another way to make you more money. Because if you get a hammer attack by spin and then go attack the village without shield. You will earn more money than attacking shielded villages. This could be analyzed by traces of attacks or the effect of smoke in the village.

Master Coin Master

Sharing techniques for playing Coin Master card collection. This will grant you an additional spin when you complete a certain collection.You may also get pets from some collections. This will help to add extra features that will make you get more bang for your buck.

Master Coin Master 📌 How to find cards in Coin Master collection in a faster way.

Explore your collection which cards are missing. And ask chat to ask friends who play Coin Master if they have a card that you don’t have or not. If that friend has it, have him send him a card.
Enter the Coin Master Thailand Community where you may take a screenshot of your collection of what cards are missing. And post to the group
Look at the Coin Master Thailand Community group to see if someone wants to give away a card that you don’t have for free and contact them to request that card from him.
Share Coin Master playing tricks in this game full of venomous snakes. You absolutely must not leave a lot of money, as your players in the same game have a chance to win three pigs’ spins. To rob you every time Because if you leave a lot of money, you will definitely be robbed. Suggest that when the money has been earned, hurry up and buy everything that you want to buy until the money has been spent on buying anything again And then spin to earn new money when coming back to play

Master Coin Master

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Sending invitations to friends who haven’t played Coin Master is another way to unconsciously earn special rewards. Because if your friend sent the link to him Press the link you sent and download the game to play. That will give you free spins without having to wait to load the more you send, the more you win. But consciously delivered! Be careful that your Facebook friends will get annoyed first.

Master Coin Master
Share tips for playing Coin Master.

This is a technique that everyone has to do. If you’re not into spinning the slots, bang with your own hands. Spinning around! Fight. Everyone, I wish there was a city that would bang well together.